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"Melbourne Students Services Centre is a highly professional organization with a thorough understanding of the needs of international students and families. Many Ivanhoe Grammar School international students, over a lengthy period, have benefited from their services. "

-Ivanhoe Grammar School


"I have no hesitation in recommending Melbourne Students Services Centre in arranging support provider services for overseas students. We have been working with MSSC for more than fifteen years and have regular contact with the manager Sarah who is reliable and responds quickly to any issues which may arise. "

-Trinity Grammar School


Melbourne Students Services Centre's refreshing approach and considerate treatment of our students has me feeling very confident to recommend their services to parents of students who want to study here in Melbourne.

-Mentone Grammar School


Melbourne Students Services Centre has played an invaluable role in supporting Kilvington’s Global Connections program and our international students for many years now. Director Sarah Cheng helped to establish our sister school relationship and worked tirelessly to support Kilvington’s first excursions with local students to China. As International Student Coordinator, I have appreciated that MSSC’s Parent Representatives have been conscientious in attending interviews and information sessions and translating information for parents of international students.

-Kilvington Grammar School


The Knox School has been collaborating with Melbourne Student Services Centre led by Sarah Cheng for nearly 10 years. We are very satisfied with the level of professional, reliable and timely services provided by Sarah and her team. We are particularly impressed with the different levels of services they provide that cater for the diversified needs and requirements of our Chinese speaking community. It is because of their dedication and commitment that regular, effective and prompt communications between the school and the family are maintained and potential issues are resolved in a timely and mutually satisfactory manner.

-The Knox School


The manager of Melbourne Students Services Centre Sarah has a high level of personal integrity and is a thoroughly professional person who works with a number of secondary schools across Melbourne. The company provides a valuable caring services to students and families.

-Eltham College

Our Responsibilities

Please contact us for a comprehensive list of responsibilities for each service category

Airport reception

  • Upon students' first arrival, we arrange transportation to their homestay or accommodation.

  • We provide airport pick-up and send-off services during the school holiday period when students return to their home country.

  • We offer airport pick-up and send-off services for students making domestic trips during school holidays.

Help students acclimate to the new environment

  • Help to open a bank account for students.

  • Assist students in buying Mobile SIM cards and activating the card.

  • Assist students in buying Myki cards and provide a briefing about Melbourne’s public transportation system.

  • Provide parents with students’ bank account details, new mobile phone numbers, and updated students’ contact details.

  • Brief students about Australian lifestyle, homestay issues, etc.

  • Provide homestays with full contact details of the caregiver so that the homestay can contact the caregiver in case of any issues.

  • Ensure students are familiar with the route from their accommodation place to school.

  • Provide assistance during the transition period from language school to secondary school, such as helping to buy books, uniforms, arranging interviews, etc.

Study guidance

  • Provide a comprehensive introduction to the education system in Victoria and details about schools.

  • Offer advice on subject and course selection for university.

  • Supervise and track students’ attendance.

  • Attend parents’ interviews and parents’ information nights, and relay the information to parents.

  • Assist in completing any forms requested by schools, ensuring parental approval when necessary.

  • Closely monitor students’ academic performance at school, translate school reports, and forward them to parents.

Daily life assistance

  • Assist in booking air tickets for students.

  • Accompany students to see a doctor in case of illness.

  • Provide an emergency contact phone number outside of office hours.

  • Assist students in the process of moving to a new residence.

  • Facilitate opening a telephone and internet account for students if their homestay doesn't provide these services (Note: For students under 18, certain restrictions may apply).

  • Regularly contact students by phone at least once a week and conduct personal visits at least twice a month.

  • Provide assistance in renewing passports for students.

Maintain regular contact with parents

  • Provide full details of caregiver’s contact methods, including address, telephone number, mobile phone and E-mail.

  • Regularly contact parents and keep them informed about any information related to the students.

  • Provide a monthly “Parents Liaison Report” to update parents on their child's well-being and progress.

  • Translate students’ school report and provide to parents.

  • Relay any feedback from school and homestay to parents.

  • Ensure parents understand and make timely payment for school fees.

Our Fees

We charge our fees based on different type of services and the length of services, providing parents with more flexibility.  The fee indicated is for 2024 only.

Service Charge







Airport pick-up


Homestay Placement